Hand and Feet Treatments

Hands & Feet

All hand and feet treatments include nail shaping and conditioning of the cuticles.

Manicures & Pedicures

Express with natural finish

  • Manicure – 30 minutes – $79
  • Pedicure 30 minutes – $79

With nail polish finish

  • Manicure – 45 minutes – $99
  • Pedicure – 45 minutes – $99

Deluxe with nail polish finish including massage and exfoliation

  • Manicure – 60 minutes – $109
  • Pedicure – 60 minutes – $109

Caribbean TherapyTM Hand & Feet Treatments

Mouth-watering ingredients from the Caribbean create the healing touch to improve the condition of nails and cuticles. Sugarcane, ginger, avocado, seaweed, coconut and lime will exfoliate, smooth, stimulate and nourish your hands and feet – rejuvenating and nurturing, the treatment smooths, softens, relaxes and renews.

Botanical Resurfacing Manicure

An innovative alternative to microdermabrasion for glowing results. Botanical Skin Resurfacing with our hands-on approach and the power of tourmaline – smooth away the dull dry skin on your hands leaving them looking soft and youthful! This ‘facial for your hands’ gives you the glowing results comparable to salon microdermabrasion with less irritation and inflammation.

Green ScienceTM Skin Renewing Manicure

Powerful plant ingredients visibly renew and repair ageing skin, generating skin protection from environmental aggressors and increasing barrier strength. Improve your skin’s smoothness, tone and clarity while lifting and firming skin, targeting age spots and reducing lines and wrinkles. Achieve maximum exfoliation without irritation with the Perfecting Plant Peel™ to diminish the appearance of sunspots.

Chakra Balancing Pedicure

The concept of chakras comes from Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. These 7 energy centres are located along the spine and can be thought of as personal growth centres that connect your subconscious with your physical body. This Chakra Balancing Pedicure seeks to create harmony combining a luxurious foot soak and exfoliation. Aveda’s own Chakra Body Mists balance your senses whilst chakra foot reflexology works the energy centres of the body.

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